Making Every Minute Count

Become a Time Sculptor

(And free yourself from timesheets.)

TrueTime was born of necessity, of working 10 hour days and only having 5 or 6 billable hours to show for it.  Where that time has gone remains a mystery.

It's very hard (some would argue impossible) to catch up on lost time.   While some tools will help you find lost time, we believe you shouldn't be losing it in the first place.


The busy professional is rarely fully rewarded for the multitude of tasks and lengthy work hours that they endure. (Our example below demonstrates what only a few billable units per day can mean to your bottom line.)

TrueTime records your entire day for you, from the moment you boot up your machine, it tracks all work performed on the workstation.   It's built-in timer also keep track of those events occuring away from the desk (including synching with your Outlook Calendar).

Impact on Profit

A law or accounting firm's profitability is directly affected by the number of hours the professionals book, bill and then collect.

Alternative fee arrangements such as Fixed Fee or Value based billing are no different. in these cases, the profitability is directly affected by the time taken to perform the services.

Time leakage can cost one individual fee earner thousands of dollars. Let's take a look at a very conservative equation.

Hourly Rate : $200.00

Minimal Daily Leakage : Four 5-minute tasks = 20 Minutes

$ Value of Leakage per day : $66.00

$ Value of Leakage per month : $1,320.00

$ Value of Leakage per year : $15,840.00

Notes to consider: These values are for one single fee-earner. Legal hourly rates and leakage rates are typically much higher.

Irrespective of your pricing policy, this leakage value would normally go direct to your bottom line as profit. Imagine what this means to a firm of 10, 20, or even 100 fee earners.

Client Mistrust

To add to this, client mistrust compounds the issue. Manual or stopwatch systems are prone to innacuracy and your clients understand this.

Rarely will they perceive that this innacuracy, is actually in their favour. How else can you explain only 5 or 6 billable hours at the end of a 9 hour day?

Imagine being able to recount every single email, document, phone call, in fact every single event down to the minute, for each matter you have worked on. What would that mean to your customers?

The TrueTime solution

TrueTime is a web based solution that is brutally accurate in it's recordal of 100% of your day, down to the second. At a glance you can see how your day is tracking. Stay on top of your time allocation with the simple drag and drop of your day's activity, as it occurs in realtime.

Apply the benefits to your whole organisation by integrating it with your accounting or practice management solution.

Experience the relief of no more manual time tracking. Be rewarded for all of your hard work, and provide your customers with the piece of mind they deserve.