No stop watches, no timesheets ... no slippage

I have a timesheet system.  Why is TrueTime so special?

Unlike stopwatch or manual entry solutions, TrueTime accurately records your activity throughout the entire day and sends it to your web interface for allocating and reporting.

TrueTime saves you from needing to remember how long you spend on work tasks.  It records your entire day for you, and then allows you to sort it, trash it, merge it, and invoice it, with indisputable accuracy, and no more 10-hour days wondering where your time has gone.

..and when I am away from the computer?

TrueTime welcomes you back to your computer, and helps you populate the time away from your desk with billable or non-billable activities.

It even looks into your Outlook Calendar and helps you correlate with meetings you may have been attending.

What about my privacy?

You can simply send all private and non-billable activity to the "Trash".  You can even label web browsing sessions as 'Private', so they are automatically trashed.

I would generate a lot of activities. How does TrueTime handle that?

Auto-merge allows you to merge similar activities so you have less to manage. You can also edit them manually and simply 'drag and drop' these activities to the appropriate client or project. 

Can TrueTime integrate with my existing accounting or practice management solution?

Think of TrueTime as your time-keeping appliance, that can be synchronised with your system so that your Clients, matters or projects are available for allocations. It also automatically posts the timesheet data back to your system at the end of the day.
To name a few, TrueTime has been integrated with MYOB, Lexis Nexis and Aderant products, using Oracle, SQL Server and Postgres databases.

I have a team of professionals. Can they all operate under the one account?

TrueTime can be deployed across your whole company, with a secure login provided for each of your team members.